victory and balboa in poetry

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  • Oct. 23, 2021, 11:37 p.m.
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stay down, rocky
the fame isn’t worth it

stay down, rocky
the money isn’t worth it

stay down, rocky
your pride isn’t worth it
it isn’t worth your death
nor a life of pain and regret

stay down, rocky
the girl loves you
do you really want to keep
on eating those raw eggs
do you really want to be
punching these men in the face
until unconscious on the ground
sequel after bloody sequel
until you’re finally used up
like a cartoon character
like a goddamn animal

stay down, rocky
none of this is worth it
you have nothing to prove
if you keep this up you’ll only
mutate into a grunting caricature
some stunted slurring fool
a million bad impressions
with diminishing returns

stay down, rocky
you’re just making your
violence rendered and absorbed
look heroic instead of
ugly and tragic like a
gladiator fed to lions
like the starving actor
forced to act in pornos
it all just sucks eggs

stay down, rocky
just stay down

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