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  • May 18, 2014, 11:08 a.m.
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We did it. We finally admitted our feelings for each other last week. Friday 5/9/14 to be exact. He had been telling me in the funniest of ways for a while first. In fact, I knew the exact day when he realized it. He always called me boo and baby... those kinds of nicknames for a while. But the day he realized how he felt about me, he was doing it after everything he said to me. It made me smile and I just knew. But in that moment, I decided to just let him tell me... I knew he couldn't hold out much longer lol. However, in the mean time, I started playing with him and really enjoying myself doing it. I was telling him in the funniest of ways too so that when he finally worked up the courage to tell me, I could tell him how I was saying it all along. Finally, on Thursday I had sent him an email with one of my very fav songs attached. On the subject line I wrote I love you in another language lol. I told him that I knew that meant something in Irish but I didn't know what. When he woke up he texted me and I asked him if he got it but he was so groggy from not getting enough sleep and he had to go to work anyways I told him to look at it later cuz I wanted to use that time to talk to him. The next day we had plans and I knew he didn't open the email at that point yet either. But that day... it was beautiful. We were just sooooo in love with each other it was silly sweet. I left because I had to go to work. While I was at work, he got the email and emailed me back with a song by Jon B and Babyface "Someone to Love". I couldn't believe it when I heard it. The lyrics in that song sound like they were written by him. I couldn't believe what I was listening to. I was so shocked. When we were chatting later, I told him how much I liked that song. He admitted to me that it's how he feels. I then admitted that I am so in love with him. The whole thing got botched quickly though because I thought I had misread what he was saying and I thought he wasn't feeling the same way. I freaked all the way out. But he clarified it for me and since then... we are soooooooooo in love!!! We finally got together this past week and made love for the first time since then. It was sooooooo beautiful!!! It was soooo beautiful! So much so that the day after, I was genuinely missing him and had to see him again. It was so very sweet. We have been saying it nearly every day since then. I am so freaking happy to have found love again. I can't even believe it. I don't just love him... I am genuinely in love with him. It feels soooo right. I thank God for sending him my way.

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