oct 15 in idea barrages

  • Oct. 15, 2021, midnight
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  1. Everyone overlooks their less-well-known neighbors, Carlsadequate Caverns.

  2. If someone yells “IT’S ADAM AND EVE, NOT ADAM AND STEVE!” yell back at them “IT’S BEN AND JERRY, NOT JEN AND BARRY!” Just see what happens. It’ll probably be awesome.

  3. When I hear the jingle for that lawyer “Tom Morelli’s DWI Team” I always imagine it as “Tom Morello’s DWI Team” with a Rage beat to it. I imagine they’re, like, not pro-DWI per se, they more just believe the underclass should have a right to quality representation too.

  4. The symbol at the middle of the term “AB&DL” is called a “Pampers’ And”.

  5. “This is no longer Yoplait,” the grizzled old yogurt duelist sighed, “this is yoreal.”

  6. Springsteen still hasn’t explained how Early Birdie getting a swirly-wirly was going to make a calliope crash to the ground. I mean, teenage bullying is bad, even in McDonaldland, but it doesn’t make any sense.

  7. Maybe in GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE the ghosts will fight back and send the ghosts of Buster Brown, Buster Keaton and Buster Poindexter out as the Ghostbusterbusters and whenever they kill a Ghostbuster, their ghost has to join their side. I’d like that.

  8. Whenever the first legal-weed billionaire writes their autobiography, here’s your title: “Bud, Sweat and Tears”. Okay? Just pass me five million dollars and you’re welcome to it.

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