Joys Of Not Facebooking in Hello

  • Oct. 14, 2021, 11 p.m.
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Treated mom out to lunch and while paying ran into an old friend. I was blown away because when I saw her last, a decade ago, she was in bad shape. Clean now, in a nursing program and working at the hospital. She looked healthy.

Then of course the age old, “do you still talk to blank.” Two guys I used to party with are still out of control. Told her what all I’ve been up to. Finishing school, starting a career. We hugged after and parted ways.

Quitting Facebook makes moments like today worth it.

Blue 🦋 Flowers 2 days ago

For sure! That's awesome your old friend is doing so well. I like meeting people from real life rather than from Facebook. Fuck FB!

DimMeOut 2 days ago

HUGS It's always nice to have moments like that! Glad you got to catch up a little bit.

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