Screw Yesterday in Hello

  • Oct. 13, 2021, 11:39 a.m.
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Got stuck in the back washing parts of dirt and grime. That involved standing the whole time, unloading one pallet to put parts into a basket and drop them into a chemical bath for ten minutes, take them out and dunk them in another wash. Afterwards take them out and hose them off one by one, setting them up against the wall to dry then restack them on another pallet. It was hard work (from the physical perspective), I was pouring sweat all night and my feet got soaked through my shoes due to all the water.

Needless to say my lower back ACHED when I got up about an hour ago. Ran down to the walk in clinic, got an NSAID shot (my effin’ lawd did it burn) and a note for work. (Yes, in and out of a doc’s office in roughly twenty minutes.) I’m relaxing today and hopefully will catch a nap later. Not much sleep this morning. The muscle relaxers I took before bed did jack so I tossed and turned.

Right now though?
My tummy rumbles with hunger.

Boomer 5 days ago

If you are young you will bounce back but I know it feels like that is all that life is about at times: Torture at work then rise from the dead to do that shit again! Good health to you!

Mrs. Peebs 20 hours ago

If you can find Voltaren Gel at your local Walmart or other drug store, that stuff works wonders for pain! I use it religiously lol. Just be very careful if you have pets or anything as it is extremely toxic to them.

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