blocked in growing pains

  • Oct. 11, 2021, 3:49 p.m.
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am in one of those writer’s blocks, but more like a life block. a vitality block. feeling like a hunk of lead.

i’ve been feeling so lost lately. have been asking my dreams for guidance. the other night, a message from my dream was: write, and share your writing, and keep doing it. over. and over. and over. there are zero stakes for writing & sharing something that sucks. there is room for your shitty writing. there is space for your voice even when you’ve got nothing to say. (white men know this very well). if it’s not even remotely valuable, original, insightful, important, still say it. maybe no one will hear it. maybe someone will read it and judge you harshly. keep. doing. it.

it’s funny how, even with the knowledge that I am anonymous here, knowing that I have an audience is freezing me up. like, oh god! someone’s gonna see this and laugh at me and confirm all of my insecurities!

ah, this is a good practice for me. to dismantle this ornate self-constructed mental prison, I must move through it, understand it, feel it… do the things that scare me…

Boomer October 11, 2021

Ever think you HAVE to take a shit? Some people are like that about writing. It is not mandatory. If you feel like doing it, fine. If you feel you have something interesting to say and YOU find it interesting, go for it and do it. Please take it easy on yourself :-)

renslayer Boomer ⋅ October 11, 2021

love this analogy! :D

Boomer renslayer ⋅ October 11, 2021

I’ve been there and I had to get a grip. It’s like people that feel the need to constantly talk. I find it is important to listen to ourselves for a while.

❤️vee October 11, 2021

I freeze up with most communication but diary writing is easier for me, though I've not been very good with that lately either

renslayer ❤️vee ⋅ October 11, 2021

am right there with ya

JHkerriokey October 12, 2021

Then don't write for others, write for yourself. Think positive about all those worries you have. Someone might laugh, great! you brightened there day just a tad. What if someone doesn't laugh? What if they connect with you on a real, human level or watching your journey helps then through there's? As you said you are anonymous here, you choose your path. No one here knows you from Adam. Make your journal life however you want. hugs and good luck. :)

renslayer JHkerriokey ⋅ October 12, 2021

thank you so much <3

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