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  • Oct. 7, 2021, 2:43 a.m.
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Oh crap does my left wrist hurt. Machined end…uh…panel…something or other but had to use the whirlybird to debur every single one. Supposedly it’s a hot job they need tomorrow. I worked up a decent sweat before I finished my night with only five left. Can’t tell you how many of those fuckers slipped between my fingers as I was holding on to them.

Coolant + aluminum = banana peel.

A few finger tips are tender as to the sharp edges catching bare skin while deburring. I could have worn gloves, but they’d get soaked and would stink BADLY like a moldy mildewed mess. Ew…

I need rest.

DimMeOut October 07, 2021

OUCH... OMG, honey!! Hope it feels better fast!

Ferret Mom October 07, 2021


Tempestuous1 October 08, 2021

Maaaaaannnnnn. :(

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