sept 30 in idea barrages

  • Sept. 29, 2021, 8:34 p.m.
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  1. My knowledge base is ultimately a lot like a Kardashian: annoyingly shallow yet pleasingly wide.

  2. Success is fleeting and rare but in failure? In failure, baby, we are all united.

  3. Where would one get body-jewelry where we would call it a “Pierced Brosnan”?

  4. We’re literally in a situation where people are trying to indoctrinate people against doctors. The stupider America gets, the more American English heckles us with its own delicious ironies.

  5. Oh sure, Nord VPN might mask where your computer is coming from but Fnord VPN garbles all your words to any server that does not have the chaos code.

  6. When you say Happy Hondadays, you are perpetuating the war on Chryslermas.

  7. The gentleman thief looks at the detective. “Oh, you have finally caught me, kudos to you, well met. You will find, however, that I do have a few tricks up my sleeve.” Suddenly, a spew of Trix cereal emits from his shirt-sleeve, blinding the detective for his escape.

  8. I’m the picture of health, sure, with Dorian Gray as a measure of “picture”.

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