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  • Sept. 29, 2021, 9:33 p.m.
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  1. If they were going to call the show “The Big Bang Theory” then they owed us witnessing all the characters dying a heat death in the end. It would’ve been the first interesting thing to happen in the entire show.

  2. Aren’t Starbucks fall profits really just pumpkin bread?

  3. By the second lap of a bike race, you’re just re-cycling.

  4. For her birthday, she was given the deed to a parcel of undeveloped land. “Thanks,” she said, “it means a lot.”

  5. Young Canadians can be referred to either as “toque tikes” or “beanie babies”.

  6. Whenever I see people using crypto-coin terminology on social media, it just reads like they’re in the middle of a stroke and, metaphorically, I’m not wrong.

  7. Everyone’s favourite emo buddy-comedy NUMB AND NUMBER.

  8. I hope that, at least once, the know-it-all in a group of construction workers was derisively nicknamed “HEY LOOK EVERYONE, IT’S PLINY THE WELDER OVER HERE!”

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