maybe it helps in poetry

  • Sept. 27, 2021, 11:54 p.m.
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it helps to remind yourself
you’re the one who chose to be here
maybe just to learn a lesson
maybe to perform some noble deed
maybe to fulfill a cosmic lark
maybe provide a solid need

it helps when you remind yourself
even though it probably isn’t true
you’re the one who chose to be here
secret reasons between God and you
decided before you were even born
forgetting was just part of the deal
there was no other way to make it real

it helps me when I tell myself
hopefully just harmless lies
maybe I will grasp the weight of it
when the scales fall from my eyes
that we knew what we were doing
that there was actually a why

it helps when I’m screaming in sleep
how hard it was to forsake vengeance
tossing beneath the canopy of stars
but hopefully not beneath mention
helps to assume good intentions
when waking up to face the day
it’s probably just superstitions
it helps the hurt a little anyway

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