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  • Sept. 14, 2021, 7:56 p.m.
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They asked me to go full time today. Mon-Fri, 8-5. It kinda bums me out because i love having all the free time that getting off at 1 gives me. But on the other hand. Its money. It should be around 2k a month which you cant say no to either. T still makes that much money in his second job. But another 2 k a month is nothing to snub your nose at.
We are SO close to paying off my truck. its down to 6k. And then there is Christmas for 5, and Halloween. Being able to buy myself things when i want to without it interfering in bills and whatnot. The ease of buying food. Its just.. Extra money. It dosent hurt. in the least. So i cant say no.

So starting Thursday i go full time.

I was going to start tomorrow. BUT tomorrow is my 16th wedding anniversary and we have plans for dinner out tomorrow at 5. I would have ot leave an hr early and its easier to just do the half day for tomorrow. Then i get 2 half days, and 2 full days on this week.
So yay… Im actually a bit.. Im not sure what the word is. Just feeling a bit apprehensive i guess? I liked my part time and kinda hoped i had more time to enjoy it before the job turned full time. But here we are, so here we are.

It IS a good thing. And im not worried about that. Good place. But i need some more clothes lol. I need to get paid so i can get some clothes to wear to work. I only have maybe 5 or 6 shirts and 2 pair of pants and as someone who enjoys my clothes. Its not enough. I have like 6 pairs of jeans and 2 dozen teeshirts i cant wear to work. Im going to pack up a chunk of them for winter here soon. Its still hot out, but im not wearing shorts even at 100 degrees now. For some reason the 100 degrees in sept, feels nothing like 100 in july! Im ok with jeans. In fact it was 88 out today and i wore leggings and a sweater. God im turning into a stater fast lol!

P.s. Im 5 inches into the back of the sweater im crocheting now. Its 120 stitches wide just for the back panel so its going to take some time.

Small Town Girl 3 days ago

Wow! That went full tine fast! Did you know it was a possibility or did they throw that at you? 2K a month is about where I am at! I just got a bunch of really nice pants and shirts at the thrift store! Do you have one near you? Definitely worth checking out!

ChainedChrysalis Small Town Girl ⋅ 3 days ago

I got a list from a new contact. Im going to have to check them out.
I knew it was a possibility. They said in a few months lol. Not days. But its all good. I do enjoy where im at. I wish i could get paid more, BUT ill take it you know.

Small Town Girl ChainedChrysalis ⋅ 3 days ago

Oh year I 100% know. Wish I was getting more hourly too.

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