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  • Sept. 14, 2021, 7:47 p.m.
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Today’s plan was to clear the desk before Rocky got up (almost made it). When he got up go to eat at CiCi’s and then groceries..... SO.... The CiCi’s in Murfreesboro is closed now “reopening soon under new management” ugh.... I’d read a post on Nextdoor talking about why the Smyrna store had been closed and warned Rocky that them not opening Murfreesboro today might be a possibility. Glad I did..... we ended up at Steak n’ Shake..... Got groceries....

Then I had Rocky call the trash guys and pay the last of that massive oversight.... and the internet..... so that bills are caught up again.

Tomorrow is the appointment about my cyst again. Not looking forward to it because I feel like it’s healed up a fair bit but not enough.... but if we schedule surgery for 2-3 weeks out I won’t need it. I still have this rash though and I need that to be resolved.

I’ve found myself playing more video games and doing less other things :( I intended on just a little while this morning then starting the bee earrings.... I did however make Kakuna (Pokemon) and once I make him a pokeball I’ll take pictures for ya. I also moved my computer..... now the kitchen table looks like a wreck.... I’ll clean it in the morning.... maybe. Soon… I’ll clean it soon.... it’s all my stuff that should go on my desk.... but now my desk is smaller than the table lol… So I guess that’s it.... I’m abandoning twitch.... well at least doing twitch videos anyway. Glad that decision got made .... now I can move on lol

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