Special Medicine in TIME Flies and other Thoughts

  • Sept. 10, 2021, 10:30 p.m.
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When I was a young child I am told my mother had special medicine.... in the Freezer.
As I aged I learned about that Special Medicine
As a Teen I enjoyed that Special Medicine too.
As an Adult I have had it now and then.. maybe once or twice a year.

As a child there was only Cinnamon Graham Crackers that I knew of, so that is what was used. As as adult until recently, have I not been able to find that kind so I have used the regular ones. And really that is what I am used to so I continue on.

  • One Package of Graham Crackers
  • 1 Tub of Chocolate Icing
  • 1 jar of creamy Peanut Butter
    (Although you may not use all the PNB and Icing)
    Spread the Icing on one Cracker and Peanut Butter on the other and put them together.
    Continue till the whole box is done.
    Place the prepared Graham Crackers back inside the box.
    Close and put in the freezer over night.
    When you want some *Special Medicine, take one or two out and leave the rest in the Freezer till you want more.
    Eat frozen. (Actually they don’t get that frozen and defrost fairly fast).
    They taste better ice cold.
    I grew up with them going back in the box in the freezer. The freezer breaks down that crunch. It causes the whole thing to become ONE, a tasty Treat.
    Otherwise if you don’t freeze them it taste separate, like 2 Graham Crackers with Peanut Butter on one side and icing on the other individually. Blah!

Although I know some people like it like that and the in the Freezer and in the Box is Blah to them. It really is preference and what you grew up with.

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J.E. September 10, 2021


JadedAngel68 September 11, 2021

Sounds good :)

Charlotte, Light and Dark September 11, 2021

Yum!!! I thought you were talking about weed!

Bird of Paradise Charlotte, Light and Dark ⋅ September 11, 2021

LOL well, had some of that medicine in my youth too.

Redcoke September 11, 2021

I remember your mom writing about these! I should try them.

Bird of Paradise Redcoke ⋅ September 12, 2021

Yes, she did.
and hello.

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