Consitpation in Weight Loss Surgery

  • Sept. 9, 2021, 9:39 a.m.
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63#s down from WLS on 12/21- 85#s down from HW - 295 HW 274 SW 211 CW 180 GW

This may be TMI for some but I feel like I need to mark down when I go and when I take either my detox tea or a dose of Miralax. I don’t take either regularly but I feel like I get backed up if I don’t.

I do drink plenty of liquids - more so than I ever did before surgery - but it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Protein I think has been known to back people up, and I’ve also had more protein this year than ever before in my LIFE but that’s a requirement of life after surgery so I need to find a way to get regular with all the protein I ingest.

I’ve never had constipation issues before surgery. I’ve always been regular and never had rock hard poops or to strain. I’m happy to have had the surgery but I need to get myself on a regular routine and I need to mark it all down to be able to figure out a routine.

So here goes:

9/9 - I had to go but it was rocks, I did go more regularly after 2 cups of coffee.
I took 2 detox teas tonight because this was my first time going in a week!
9/10 - Firm BM first thing in the morning, I believe thanks to the detox tea
9/12 pebbles after coffee but at least I went, feel unfinished

Last updated September 13, 2021

lessoff September 09, 2021

can you eat prunes? i find them to work better than miralax (or maybe less intense).

sedentary lessoff ⋅ September 09, 2021

you're right, I shuld get some. I have the feeling of them - I don't like to eat squishy things - but I might eat one.

lessoff sedentary ⋅ September 09, 2021

oh i like them, i think they are like fruit snacks (which i also like) but probably a little better for you :)

sedentary lessoff ⋅ September 09, 2021

I might try prune baby food cause I just hate the texture of prune/raisins

FitLadyDi September 09, 2021

Adding in some fruits and vegetables really helped with regularity.

sedentary FitLadyDi ⋅ September 09, 2021

I'm not a big fan of fruit but I eat a lot of salad!

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