Larry's Hair Was On Fire in Hello

  • Sept. 3, 2021, 8:21 p.m.
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Law & Order in the background.

Crashed hard around three something AM after work. Got up around ten, went and got Vaxxed (finally), picked up two bone in ribeyes for dinner, grabbed a quick lunch from Krystal’s, then off to get a Mt. Dew icee then across the street to The Booklegger where I found a hardback EC Comic collection. Two-Fisted Tales. War stories. Awesome. The artwork is restored on gloss paper and it is 1950’s beautiful.

Now I’m back home chilling. Think Imma draw some and veg out the rest of the day. Well, till it’s time to cook anyway. Steaks, roasted sweet corn, grilled zucchini chunks and baked sweet potato.
Whose hungry?

I can’t find the drawing I’ve been working on. 😠
I was nearly finished, too.

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