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  • Sept. 3, 2021, 11:48 a.m.
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That’s me. I’m an addict to my morning rituals. No matter what ever has to be done, I want to do certain things first. A half slice of bread and butter so my stomach likes the immunotherapy drugs. Then all the regular pills, followed by a tall cup of coffee, a book, and the news with sound off. After yogurt, I moved in here to my computer to do the mail and read blogs.

For years I sat in my grandpa’s Morris chair every morning to do all my rituals. Fewer pills in those days. Now G brings up my goodies in a basket….dear George. This morning I was determined to quilt first then come on line second. Somehow my feet drew me into the computer room.

He’s over there across the desk far out in space with his addict friends. I’m not alone in my addictions here.


Himself: Laundry today.
Myself: Reading a new book as a break from an old series. Quilting.
Reading: Bujold and Moon.
Watching: KPBS: Nature and Best bakers on the Food Channel.
Photo: Mine, living room corner.
Weather: 77F, grey and cloudy now.
Gratitude’s: Few coughs, lots of laughs, got the big crow done.

woman in the moon September 03, 2021

These are benign addictions. Pattern perhaps. I have them too. Maybe I need to be more true to them. I let them slide from time to time. Half a piece of bread and butter. I haven't made coffee the last few days. I miss it. It's not too late.

woman in the moon September 03, 2021

beautiful picture

Marg September 04, 2021

We are creatures of habit! I’d love to sit in that lovely sunshine with a good book :)

aunty EM September 04, 2021

My grandpa had a Morris chair like that one. Ah, the memories!

NorthernSeeker September 05, 2021

Routines are comforting and occasionally good for you.

Jinn September 11, 2021

I like my rituals too :-)

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