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  • Aug. 25, 2021, 11:21 a.m.
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My hands have a tremble.
Got doc’s orders (and some benzo’s) to take off work to dry out out.
Told work I was withdrawing bad and HR gave me a name of a church based (ugh) rehab that members of day shift attend.

Yesterday, well after the twenty-four hour mark I took two Trazadones and finally fell asleep. I was in and out a few times but ultimately woke up at four AM on the dot. Got myself some food and watched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and part of Crystal Skull.

At eight I got up and cleaned till ten-thirty. Cat boxes, dishes, cat dishes, swept, mopped, deep cleaned the fridge. I was going to tackle the yard but now my lower back is killing me. I’ll tend to that tomorrow.

I’ve done a good bit. I’m happy.

Beautiful 🦋 Flowers August 25, 2021

How long will your work give you to dry out?

J.E. Beautiful 🦋 Flowers ⋅ August 25, 2021

I go back Monday.

Beautiful 🦋 Flowers J.E. ⋅ August 25, 2021

You can do it dude! Keep strong!

Not So Mighty Porg August 25, 2021

Church based rehab things are more fun if you pretend they are talking about the flying spaghetti monster as the higher power instead of God or Jesus.

J.E. Not So Mighty Porg ⋅ August 25, 2021

I dunno. AA made me cringe.

Not So Mighty Porg J.E. ⋅ August 25, 2021

Like I said. Less cringey when you pretend everyone's higher power is his almighty noodle god.

Tempestuous1 August 25, 2021 (edited August 25, 2021)


You can do it! Seriously! 💛

J.E. Tempestuous1 ⋅ August 26, 2021

Thanks hon.

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