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  • Aug. 15, 2021, 2:55 a.m.
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  1. Part of how we took down the Confederacy was as simple as flooding the market with counterfeits of their fake currency. You wanna bring down the neo-Confederacy? Start counterfeiting crypto-currencies. Flood the market. BONUS POINTS: you save the environment too!

  2. When the best adaptation of an intellectual property is the Green Jello song “Carnage Rules”, perhaps you throw in the towel and keep it to the funny books.

  3. As a supervillain consultant you suggest the base has a prominent “self-destruct manual shutdown” button that when pressed instantly self-destructs said base. Anything short of Superman-invulnerability, your Spider-Men, your Doubles-07, problem solved at the cost of but one base.

  4. A book explaining kidney stones called Duct Tales.

  5. A collaboration between “Belle and Sebastian” and Weezer called “Tweezer”.

  6. (singing) Delta, it loves to fly up your nose!

  7. Seeing the title PROFESSOR T, I absolutely hoped it was going to be about Mr. T, having retired from acting to teach fool-pitying at a small liberal arts college in New Hampshire, occasionally getting roped into solving crimes on the side.

  8. No matter how interesting the topic of your news article, if it only calls up a video without text or if it only calls up a slideshow listicle, I am clicking away. I hope the rest of the world feels the same way but I can’t guarantee it. I can only hope.

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