aug 14 in idea barrages

  • Aug. 12, 2021, 3:40 p.m.
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  1. Yes, you can bring your own lover to the brothel if you just need the bed, but there will be a porkage fee.

  2. There wouldn’t be much money to be made in a wings-focused restaurant themed around the television series “Wings” called WINGS but it’s important that it happens.

  3. I’m not perfectly dependable but I’m dependable most of the time. I have plausible reliability.

  4. A fancy. Italian. Restaurant. Called FATHER JONATHAN’S.

  5. A prim British capybara called CHAPPIEBARA.

  6. I too am a sandwich artist, I merely work in the abstract.

  7. Why call it “country & western music” when you can just call it “white noise”?

  8. A fun prank to play is to curse someone so that whenever they orgasm they uncontrollably yell “SUUUURRRRRRRGE!” like in the old commercial for the terrible soda.

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