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  • Aug. 9, 2021, 2:58 p.m.
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How do you deal with a toxic mother in law and sister in law?
My sister in law is a jerk and tells everyone she (& parents) don’t associate with us because we don’t like them. She is 18 and a spoiled brat - gets everything she wants and if you tell her no she tells everyone how terrible you are..
My mother in law doesn’t like me - she’s made it clear, when I’m at her house she will go hide in her room until my husband comes in just so she don’t have to talk to me.. when I’m sick, she tells my husband that I’m faking it for attention.
Like mother like daughter I guess..
My mother in law will call my husband to either tell him he’s horrible and she don’t claim him cause she hasn’t seen him often enough or she will tell him I’m horrible and that I don’t like her.
Thank goodness we live 3 hours from them so we only see them when we go there - because they refuse to come see us. My husband has talked about moving there but I don’t want to for many reasons and I think that would make our problem 100x worse…
Right now I don’t feel healthy enough to carry and give birth to a child, we do eventually want kids later - but no desire to have them now.
Anytime I’m around MIL or SIL they tell me how they are ready for us to have kids, try to ask if we had sex while staying there, if I’ve took a test recently, lots of weird questions that I don’t tell them. My mother in law told my husband years before he met me that she wanted a grand baby multiple times. I don’t know how to handle this stuff. It honestly makes me not even want to have a kid because I would have to deal with them. I have tried to say things to make them stop talking about it and about how rude they are, my husband has tried confronting them about how they treat me and it only gets worse. It’s not a thing where My husband can see them without me - because of the distance… cutting them out of our life won’t work either - because my husband and his dad are close…
My mother isn’t just a walk in the park either.. so we deal with issues there too…
I just don’t know how to deal and what to do… has anyone been in this situation? Will it change when we have kids or will they still treat me like trash?

Jodie August 09, 2021

I personally would not go 1000 feet in front of them. There is no reason for your husband not to defend you. And if they want grand kids then maybe they need to have them so they got them. Maybe tell them you are "asexual" that should shut them up.
Question? Other then being a wife to your husband why do you see these people for any reason other then their funeral just to make sure they really are dead?
It sounds like to me you want to be civil but they make it impossible so why bother any more?

CountryGirl Jodie ⋅ August 09, 2021

I just hate to make things worse… my husband does defend me.. it just doesn’t work..

Jodie CountryGirl ⋅ August 09, 2021

I just feel bad for you...I wish you had the balls just to tell them what I would say...

CountryGirl Jodie ⋅ August 10, 2021

Yeah, I have tried to say things to them.. MIL turns her back and ignored me and SIL acted fine and sincerely sorry then went and talked trash about me..

Jodie CountryGirl ⋅ August 10, 2021

You know that saying? Do unto others as you would want them to do to you? it's right from the bible but then maybe they don't believe in family and love? Maybe do the same to them but post it on face book so more people can read it?

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