aug 11 in idea barrages

  • Aug. 8, 2021, 7:31 p.m.
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  1. I hope they call Shrek fan-conventions “Swamp Meets”.

  2. How did Cheetos settle on “Dangerously Cheesy”? Who stepped in to pull them back from “Hazardously Cheesy” or “Poisonously Cheesy”? The line there is so thin.

  3. “Oh, ghee is just butter with all the milk solids removed” she clarified.

  4. The Vatican’s top spy, Secret Agent 316, with the catchphrase “Danger is my confirmation name.”

  5. All I’m saying is, if you had given his cab section eight wheels, you could’ve also called him “Octopus Prime” and I consider this a failure of imagination.

  6. Whenever you see someone in a cowboy hat, just say “I really like your ranch dressing.”

  7. Always hide your money behind sturdy lock and key, never behind diaphanous flowing dresses, better safe than sari.

  8. She guaranteed that her divorce shower party would be unbridaled excitement for all involved.

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