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  • Aug. 8, 2021, 7:30 p.m.
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  1. Watching the stands at Citi during the New York Mets game tonight, I remember why I am so comfortable in baseball stands and at comic-cons: both locations make me feel thinner and more in-shape in comparison to my surroundings.

  2. Bingo was the farmer’s name-o. The dog was Bingo’s Monster.

  3. All I’m saying is, Dev Patel as Frank Zappa in something would be really cool.

  4. The spiciest ranch of all or “cruel ranch”.

  5. An Indian-Polynesian fusion restaurant called Tiki Masala.

  6. You know that cooking show where the British cook is unbearably mean to people just trying to make food? Like that but the unbearably mean person is judging dog shows. Just HELL’S KENNEL. Profoundly overly critical commentator on a dog show.

  7. A sex-positive sitcom about a cooking show host who is incredibly sexually promiscuous and it’s called “THE BRAISIN’ HUSSY”.

  8. I like to think that they originally were going to call Flutie Flakes “Flutie Pebbles” because DAMN that pun is HOT but then they backed down, afraid of legal heat from Big Flintstone.

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