Not so bad in Weight Loss Surgery

  • Aug. 7, 2021, 11:28 a.m.
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Even though I was all grumpy at work - just getting in my car to leave work and forget all the bullshit lifted the mood.

So I wasn’t as much of a bitch as I thought I would be to Emma. And when the fits during bath time did start I simply told her - in front of my mom and sis that I’m walking away. I don’t like crying over silly things like baths, that happen every night anyway. I’ll come back when she’s ready for a bath. And that pretty much turned her around.

Emma begged me to have dessert with her because it’s been awhile since I have and I had a bit of ice cream. I guess I just didn’t notice that she noticed that I was skipping out on dessert.

Otherwise - in GREAT news - I can get up from the floor SO MUCH QUICKER NOW!

If you haven’t been 80lbs overweight, there’s no way I can describe how much strength it took to get myself off the floor.

A lot of Emma’s play is on the floor, whether it’s legos or a doll house, etc. and I always felt bad about myself when it was time to get up cause I really struggled. I was always the last one up. And I just noticed last night that when I had to get up after sitting with her for her bath, I got up faster than usual - like a bounce in my step. And I was like wow, how long have I improved in this area and just noticed?

Things like burpees were impossible for me when training. I’m getting a new body in some ways - while deflating like an old lady in others lol. I’ll still take it.

AND I found the version of excel my boss thought she had lost. It took some work cause there were 70 revisions saved if you go through the history but I found it and next week everything will be finished.

It’s great that I saved us and this weekend but that’s still more work that I’m doing now - on the weekend - and Will do on Monday that wasn’t even part of the work I’m still behind on.... But I’m pushing through…

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