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  • Aug. 6, 2021, 7:26 a.m.
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I’ve been working a lot of extra house and so today I basically took “time off” while on the clock. I didn’t charge for it as if I was working - I already have enough hours to take a break and still get paid for 40 hour.

So while I was in the office yesterday morning, once I got home - around noon - I did MY OWN stuff. I replaced some bulbs, I did some laundry, litter boxes, vacumming, cleaned up some of the aftermath of the new desk, etc. I did some tarot and watched some youtube. I just did my own damn thing and I was much happier for it.

I also went through some more clothes from my winter selection but I was mainly looking for pants. I must have throw away way more pants than shirts cause I feel like I barely have any pants, esp. long pants as opposed to capris.

I still have one more bag to check through before I give myself the go ahead to actually buy new long pants because I literally have only one pair of black pants and one pair of gray pants.

I’m thinking ahead cause Winter Is Coming and I can’t live in capris… I don’t even have any jeans. Although I don’t love jeans cause I always get the stretch kind and sometimes no amount of washing in hot can bring them back to the original size they were. They just stay stretched and that doesn’t always look great.

I also know I need a new bathing suit. The one I’ve had for my previous trips does fit but not well and with my chest being so much smaller than it once was - I was legitamately worried about a boob floating out…

Ugh, work today. It’s still up in the air if my boss will actually come in. I came in expecting her but she don’t answer to me. If she don’t come in today I’ll have to come in on Monday cause Imagine she’ll be in then - but I dunno.

I have some calls to make too so I guess it’s fine I’m in.

I want another day like yesterday where I only do MY stuff lol

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