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  • Aug. 5, 2021, 8:32 p.m.
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  1. Why say “corrupt petrol-state” when you can say “fuel economy”?

  2. Why say “Pizza Meal-Ready-to-Eat” when you can say “Prepperoni Pizza”?

  3. Nostalgia fandom is fighting the same war raging thru politics: a war over which history counts, what is actual canon. While in reality, that’s of vital import, in story, count whatever you dig, cheerfully disregard the rest. In fiction, pick, choose & enjoy, IP rights be damned.

  4. We’re sorry, brain has reached maximum brain for the day. The braining is done, we are all brained out. Check back in two or three days, hopefully by then the brain will be able to brain again.

  5. To the tune of THE FACTS OF LIFE: “you wanna get that model done, you take a chunk out of your thumb, X-acto knife, X-acto knife”

  6. A cheap cash-in film “starring” about 15 minutes each of Bruce Willis, Nicolas Cage and Steven Seagal, somehow, about terrorism on a bullet train to a city named Video and it’s called DIRECT TO VIDEO.

  7. But in the back office of the alien wrestling promoter, he finds a book called “HOW TO SWERVE MAN”.

  8. Cold Stone Creamery should have an advertising mascot who is an extremely violent ice cream artist named Cold Stone Steve Awesome. Yeah, there’d be lawsuits but that’s just free advertising, baby!

Last updated August 09, 2021

Abritelight August 05, 2021

Just curious if you personally make these up?

littlefallsmets Abritelight ⋅ August 05, 2021

They are collections of the random thoughts I share on twitter and facebook, yes. I collect them into my journal so I can refer to them later to use in my poetry, comedy routines or flash-prose writing. It's my way of using the cloud as my digital notebook, I suppose.

Abritelight littlefallsmets ⋅ August 06, 2021

I don't remember seeing poetry here. Are you able to post a few?

littlefallsmets Abritelight ⋅ August 09, 2021

This is my poetry sub-book on here:

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