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  • Aug. 5, 2021, 6:34 a.m.
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work was work - my boss is out today (And was out yesterday) but she did lay a bunch of work on me and so I had to interrupt her vaca multiple times to ask questions. I did feel bad cause she doesn’t bother me on vaca and I was out 2 weeks! But I needed her decision to complete her tasks!

I hope she’s out Friday too LOL.

I’m BEHIND on work - still. Remind me to never take a 2 week vacation again cause it’s impossible to catch up! Although part of it is that IL admin spot still open so I’m doing the work of two offices. But I know they’re looking for someone.

After work I went on a walk with my parents, went to dinner at their house and got some laundry done. No biggie.

Actually I was SUPRISED that my sis had cooked an Indian dinner and didn’t include rice!
My family lives on rice and pasta. And Indian food is typically all matched with rice. I think they’re trying to cut down on carbs for Emma’s sake. They did have the naan bread tho and she was all about that.

You guys have seen pictures of Emma - she is NOT FAT. She is taller and stockier than some of those waif girls her age but she isn’t fat. BUT I don’t want her to ever become fat so if they normalize less carbs in her life she prob won’t have that issue.

I got home at a decent hour and went to bed.

In other new - I have a new idea, It’s evolving and will probably take some time to come to fruition.

You guys know I TNR cats and feed two different colonies. This is all out of my own pocket. I don’t know if it’s a state or county decision but the areas I TNR in get no support for this. Thousands of people in NJ do this out of the goodness of the heart and caring for cats but all on their own dime.

Someone posted a picture - from I think NC - of a non profit spay and neuter vet clinic. So basically there is a vet office out there that only does spay/neuter and other reproductive type surgeries for TNR’d feral cats FOR FREE and they survive on donations. I don’t know if they get any government help.

And people were saying that they wished something like that would open up here.

And at first my heart was like - THIS IS WHAT I NEED TO DO. I have no idea how I would open something like this - and I don’t know if it’s allowed in NJ but I was like yes, yes, yes this is what I want my job to be.

Then yesterday my mom was talking about how good the job I have now is going and she’s glad that I’m more than “receptionist” now with all the philanthropy stuff I’m learning. My mom always wants MORE and so she was talking about taking my skills on to another org and doing philanthropy for them for more money.

So then I looked up non profit vets in NJ and there are a couple. Like 4 in my area and I don’t really know what they charge or how they make money to keep going plus salaries of staff. I was wondering if maybe they have a philanthropy person helping them get donations.

So then I thought - maybe I don’t need to build a non profit vet office from scratch - maybe just help an existing one…? There aren’t many and plus - me and Will do wanna move one day, and if we do it would be south from where we are now. So it would be best to link up with a vet office south of me so when/if I move it doesn’t make the commute worse.

So that’s my idea. An idea is all it is cause I haven’t had time to do through research and who knows. Maybe this will be my dream job in a year’s time - maybe in 10 years time. But it’s way back there on the horizon of what a dream job would be for me: raising money for street cats using my developing philanthropy skills.

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