58#s down from WLS on 12/21- 79#s down from HW in Weight Loss Surgery

  • Aug. 4, 2021, 8:56 a.m.
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295 HW 274 SW 216 CW 180 GW Welp, I guess that tummy trouble was just the thing to get me past 218!

This shouldn’t be the main way I’m losing weight but it has for the past few months. I keep stalling and then eating something that causes dumping which gets me past the stall.

Although I’m not gonna beat myself up cause I ate egg salad!! If I ate too much cake and had the dumping and lost weight I’d be mad at me - but not over egg salad!

It was really bad. The pain was so bad when it hit. The dry heaving - the stomach cramps. I wouldn’t choose the lose weigh that way. My stomach is still sore.

In not so good news.... Will is back UP to 350.

Last I heard he was 332. And since he’s usually 110 lbs above me, this must have bene earlier in the summer when I was 222.

He should be in the 320s… and he’s 350.

It’s very worrisome. For us both and I know he’s disappointed in himself.

The thing is - it’s not the amount of food he’s eating - but what he eats is bad. He’s in the truck eating cookies and drinking those sweet coffee monsters. I see when I go into his truck that he has all forms of carbs in his truck. And a lot of times I’ll indulge when I go in the truck too - so I’m not helping him by being a bad example but it’s hard to resist what he’s got in there that he is also eating.

And I see what he orders when we go out and I see him eat pasta at home. I see that he’s eating bad - but I don’t want to be the food police, cause that will just make us fight.

And really I didn’t notice the gain so I really thought that he’s just a lucky man that gets to eat whatever he wants as long as it’s in small portions… meanwhile I’m beating myself up and tracking and measuring and shit. I thought that was just the plight of men and women on diets, it’s just easier for them - I thought

So I told him - he’s gotta get it under control. He KNOWS what the bad food is. Plus, he’s not a vegetarian like me. He can be eating steaks and all sorts of filling delicious protein all day and night and the weight will drop off!! I used to fill my days with rice and pasta cause I don’t eat meat - he doesn’t have to do that.

He may delay his WLS doc appointment till he gets the weight off. I think his appt is this coming Tuesday… Mine is this coming wednesday

Will hates making phone calls - and hates doctors so he may want me to change the appointment for him but I’m not.

I didn’t bash him too much. His surgery is not “ruined”. There’s plenty of people who gain weight after surgery because of their food addiction and have to get back on track. I will admit 6 months seems a little early to be having this issue but I’m sure it’s common - he has a food addiction.

I do believe he can get past this but it’s a really delicate subject cause if I follow him around saying he shouldn’t eat this or that he’ll just resent me and we’ll argue and I try to avoid that at all costs cause we don’t fight fair.

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