Even the healthy stuff in Weight Loss Surgery

  • Aug. 3, 2021, 1:19 p.m.
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will come right back up.

Ugh I hate this side effect of it all.

I’ve been doing super good eating. Today I had a protein shake for breakfast and some mixed nuts as a snack and then for lunch I got a super craving (no I’m not pregnant - in fact my period is due soon) for egg salad. I’m sure it’s just a craving for protein.

Egg salad is one of those foods that I love it until I don’t. Then I’m semi disgusted by it. Then I like it again.

So really wanted that egg salad. Went to my local diner and got some - not even a sandwich, just the platter. It took me a minute to actually find a place that had it cause so many places have chicken/tuna salad but not egg salad. So I ordered it, picked it up.

I was maybe 130 by the time I got to eat it so I guess I let myself get overly hungry searching for a place to get it and I inhaled it. It was a BIG scoop and I ate 75% percent of it. And truthfully it wasn’t as good as if I made it myself but I was too lazy to buy the ingredients and make it.

So I inhaled it till I couldn’t anymore and then I felt really full. But I often do that to myself and after some time to digest, I’m ok.

But this time - I just kept feeling the waves of nausea - luckily I’m working from home. I undid my pants and I was trying to just sit still and not let it happen but I was feeling so sick and disgusting and ready to throw up at any moment so I got up and went to the bathroom and didn’t even make it to the toilet.

My brain saw the sink and it was coming out before I had a choice. Luckily it all went down the drain without an issue.

I didn’t even throw up Everything - which is great cause I actually wanted to keep down the egg salad. This wasn’t like the overload of milkshakes from a month ago where I shouldn’t have drank it and it should come out. Egg salad I’m totally fine with eating.

But so it happened. And afterwards I took a tums - I may take more - cause of course I still feel sick - just not ready to throw up and the drop of a pin anymore.

It’s a shame when you throw up healthy food! And I have a work event tonight so I hope everything settles down by then. Either way I’m going cause I made a commitment. But ugh do I feel sick right now. I feel like I’ll never be able to eat egg salad again…


And now an hour later is the cramping, diarrhea and cotton mouth like I had in GA. Luckily no chills this time.

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