aug 5 in idea barrages

  • Aug. 3, 2021, 1:43 a.m.
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  1. When you need to write two frat boys as secondary villains in a comedy, I implore you to name them “Marshall Bennington the Third” and “Chester Matthers the Fourth”. This is important. It really underlines some things.

  2. At best, AT BEST, the guy from Sublime was playing the guitar like a respectful non-violent protest and even that is giving him too much, even that is being nice. There was nothing riotous about it at all.

  3. Just two amoebas, dukin’ it out, nano-a-nano.

  4. a modern koan: could Tim Allen do so much cocaine that he found Tim Allen funny?

  5. Whereas in our universe, Bruce Wayne’s parents were murdered by the concept of delicious food and so he invented the idea of putting raisins into baked goods.

  6. “I think that I shall never see/a poem lovely as a tree” is the poem equivalent of your conventionally attractive friend posting “FEELING UGLY TODAY” on social media. It begs you to tell it “no, your poem is SO hot, Joyce, screw trees”. Poetry as passive-aggressive thirstposting.


  8. A Clutch Cargo cult would also be cool. “THE DRAWING, ITS LIPS MOVE! PLACATE THE SORCERER WITH WORSHIP!”

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