Missing 7 month measurements in Weight Loss Surgery

  • Aug. 2, 2021, 6:38 p.m.
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Just noting here for myself that I totally know I missed my measurements for July.

I was on vacation during the time that I would usually do it and also all that vacation eating hasn’t helped me actually move on the scale at all. I’ve been between 218 and 219 all July and I blame myself and I can’t go back in time and it is what it is.

I haven’t done any exercise besides a couple walks since I got back from vacation because I’m coming in early and working late to catch up on 2 weeks of missed work - plus I’m doing the job of two people at the moment since someone in another office quit and they haven’t found a replacement.

My department is basically me and my boss and she doesn’t know how to do my stuff. Also no one else could do it cause everyone’s strained by the person who quit.

I’m thinking I can be caught up by the end of this week and the resume my training and the gym.

I HAVE been controlling my eating and drinking more water since I came back from vacation though, so I can only hope for a huge turn around come August.

I also know that even though the scale doesn’t move, the inches sometimes do and maybe I should have taken my inches 2 weeks ago just to see but if they didn’t move I’d just be uber disappointed and so much of this weight loss journey is keeping my mind in a positive space too so I don’t fuck it all up by eating out of despair that I didn’t lose enough weight.

Which totally sux, the fact that I’ll want to inhale my house because I didn’t lose weight - which will just make me put on more weight.

But that’s the way I work. When I’m doing bad at my diet I inhale more food to comfort myself from doing bad at my diet. And then I see a gain and I inhale more food to comfort myself from doing bad at my diet. And so on…

SO no 7 month measurements.

I actually take another small weekend trip with the fam at the end of August but I promise to take my measurements BEFORE I go away for the best possible results.

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