Second Vaca in Weight Loss Surgery

  • July 29, 2021, 1:46 p.m.
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So after I got back from Savannah GA I had 1 day off for laundry and vegging, then went to a water park with my sis and niece.

I didn’t eat myself sick at the water park but I certainly didn’t eat well either. To be honest, while at the water park there isn’t many options. They do have a salad but it’s more expensive than a slice of pizza with fries and a drink. So that was most lunches.

Really, the worst thing I got was a large white mocha coffee. It was pure sugar and too much. I felt so full and hot after drinking that, but I didn’t get sick!

I finally got on the scale and I’m still the same weight (218)! Hello stall!

I’m feeling really bloated though so I’m hoping some regular eating along with water, my vitamins and miralax will bring the bloat/weight down.

Either way I’m Very Very happy I didn’t gain 10lbs after eating like shit for near 2 weeks. I also did a lot of walking and swimming so that might have helped but I certainly remember vacations where I gained 10lbs in a shorter amount of time that easily took a month to get off. So I’m grateful.

I haven’t met with my trainer or went to the gym since I’ve been back because I feel swamped at work after 2 weeks off and yesterday I came in early and stayed late to catch up. I feel like I’m going to be doing that for a couple of days until I feel less overwhelmed and back to normal work wise.

Last updated July 30, 2021

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