july 30 in idea barrages

  • July 27, 2021, 10:33 p.m.
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  1. A strident screed about Italian cuisine is a manipesto.

  2. So did the Muadib show up in Space Jam and make it SPICE JAM or…

  3. If you morph your hands into bird talons and rip his genitals off because he’s a bad person, that’s giving a harpy ending.

  4. You hang the mistletoe in Asgard, hoping to steal a smooch from a goddess or god. Instead you’re met with the weeping & gnashing of teeth as all are reminded of the death of brave Balder. That’s what you get for not minoring in comparative religion in college, like the cool kids.

  5. The finalists in the illustration contest were so evenly matched, eventually they just called it a draw.

  6. Ideology should be constructed toward helping people, always ready to restructure it or dismiss it when it doesn’t work. When you put the implementation of ideology ahead of the actual goal, helping people, you lose the plot and become what you despised.

  7. Some would argue that the internet on the balance, despite its many flaws, is still a boon to the human race. Then they will see an ASMR video of a woman licking a latex ear pop up into their suggested feed, upon which time they will throw their hands up and join the Amish.

  8. A film about the only dog in the world who can assist a gaffer on a film set called BEST BOY.

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