Mother Clucker in Bittersweet

  • July 23, 2021, 11:24 a.m.
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My chickens have long since stopped peeping. They cluck now haha. I was trying to figure out how old they are, and they are only 3 months! I really thought they were older. My time frames are all messed up. I feel like ive had the terror twins for a lot longer then what i have.
The chickens were born around the week of April 10th. They are 3 months old.
The parrots were born Feb 18th and 21st. They are 5 months old.

Im down to 3 baby bunnies and 1 adult ot home asap. Then ill be down to my manageable number i was aiming for. I need to get to 6 before winter lol. Thats all the cages i have outside. Then as i shave and save the wools, Sell off my “keepers” is the plan. I think ill be at 6.
White doe.
Chichilla buck
Harli doe
harli buck
harli buck
magpie buck.
Fawn doe ( daughters favorite)
Yep there is the hitch. audras favorite baby. Primrose… She puts me at 7 and i dont know how ill do it if i get em all outside.

The other day i had a small burst of energy and i managed to clean part of the barn. I got the two cages pulled, 4 babies culled to freezer camp, and then got some of the crap out and shoveled some shit. It took less then an hour but ive been exhausted since.
my husband, god love him, Said you just need to take more vitamins and you wil lfeel better. Oh i wanted to smack him lol . I said i stil ltake my prenatals. 7 years later. Im not low on any vitamins. I get a lot of blood work done and im great on my levels. The only one i was low on was vit d in feb and its now well in the healthy levels now as i take an extra suppliment for it. On top of my thyroid meds.

The one thing i did do was wean off my anti depressants when i had covid. Well covid forced me to wean haha. I didnt take any of my meds except elderberry the duration. Oh and cough syrup. More then that was too much. So ive been off zoloft for the first time in god knows how many years. Im doing… well up and down. Off medication means the bipolar swings are no longer controled. Wellbutrin keeps bipolar x2 fairly well contained with little ups and downs. Now im subjected to those micro swings. Like at work on tuesday when i was up and word vomited all fucking day. I told one of the boys he was classically pretty. He is, He looks like he could be a greek statue ( his face! ) Normally i wouldent do that. I felt so embarressed. Hes a law student. He said oh i think i read about that in math, Something about the face mathmatically. I said yeah you are very symmetrical. But the regret in me says of fuck can i get hit with sexual harassment for that. Shit. That was NOT the intention. I just word vomited. Then i crashed last night and told my husband i wish i would die so he and everyone else could just be free of me. Its not fair to them that im so exhausted i can barely go to the bathroom much less get shit done. I was crying and hes trying to reassure. Logically i know one thing, emotionally is another. But this is what its like. Micro swings, from one to the other. They dont last long. But i am feeling a bit more down right now. Health makes me feel like crap. He asked if i can get on disability. Not likely.... The only thing keeping us in easy living, or semi comfort is the child tax credit which we managed to get. He wants me to quit and not go in once a week seeing it just exhausts me for a day or two after. But as it sits, i got paid 250 for 2 weeks 21 hours. I currently have 16 on my next paycheck. I wont get another day on it. The pay period ends monday, and tuesday is my next work day. So nope, 16 hours. Im looking at less then 200 there. Prob 175. Like i told tony its two tanks of gas. But is that even fair. He pointed out that is it right if it takes me two days to recover for 70 dollars? is that fair… sigh. I keep the discount though. Sigh. I just need someone to make up my mind for me lol. And with this colossal whine. Im going to go save the pittbull from the attacking terror twins who have her in the shakes.

Small Town Girl July 24, 2021

Why did you have to wean off your antidepressants for covid? Why don't you go back on them?

ChainedChrysalis Small Town Girl ⋅ July 24, 2021

I stopped taking them when i was sick. I just didnt take any of my meds. And by the time i started taking my dailies i had already gone through withdrawl. So i kinda stopped taking them. I wanted to see if there is something that may have less sexual side effects then zoloft. Seeing its been a pretty good month sex wise lol. But ill probably see if she can maybe give me 10 mg tablets instead of 50s. I take a 50 mg tablet every other day typically. So if i take 10 a day its similar. But a bit less you know?

Small Town Girl ChainedChrysalis ⋅ July 24, 2021

Oh ok yeah that makes sense!!

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