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  • July 21, 2021, 9:46 a.m.
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So I really want to talk about my childhood and how I was raised on practically nothing. I want to start by saying my Dad never worked. My Mom met him when he lived in his car and didn’t have a job. Should have been her first red flag but let’s keep going. My older brother was about 6 months old and about 5 years later she had me. My parents didn’t have 2 pennies to rub together because my Mom is the only one that worked and paid to support him and my older brother. My brother’s real Dad was never in the picture and didn’t pay a dime in CS.

We lived in what my Gramma would call, ‘the most rotten dives in town’ because there was enough money for us to live like normal people. I grew up never really having clothes and went to school in stuff that was too small and it was a bitch getting undressed. We never had food in the house and I remember being excited to go to school just so that I could eat. My Dad treated my older brother like shit because he wasn’t biologically his child so he beat him and tried to put him in jail every chance he got.

As I got older, I would steal from stores. Then when I was about 12, we moved out to 10 acres where we didn’t have electricity, running water and couldn’t really afford heat so we had space heaters and then baked to death in the Summer with no AC and no screens on the windows so we’d be bitten up by horse flies and mosquitos. I would spend the Summers sitting in my room counting the days for school to start because we couldn’t afford to go do anything.

Fast forward to 15 years ago. I finally got my own place where since I was just starting out, all my bills were in my parents name and if I didn’t give them money everyday like they needed, I would be threatened that they would disconnect all my stuff (I paid all my bills, they were just in their names) and they’d threaten to take my car (I made the payments but again, it was in their name) so I was extorted into giving them money every fucking day until I finally stood up to my Mom and told her no where she called me every name in the book and then quit talking to me for 9 months.

Then over the years, I have given them thousands of dollars, always with the promise I’d get paid back. Well, when it would come time for that to happen, they would quit talking to me for several months and then start making effort because they needed to use me some more. They’ve used and manipulated EVERYONE into giving them money where again, they don’t pay any of it back.

My grandmother on my Dad’s side has given them in excess of 40K and my Dad has never attempted to pay her back. I guess she sent him a letter the other day stating she would like to see some kind of payments so what does he do? NOTHING! Neither one of them have any real regard for any human life whatsoever! Then, I sold a car the other day where I gave my MOm $150 simply so I didn’t have to hear them say how they helped me sell it and I didn’t give them anything for it. Then, I need to go turn in the bottom part of the title so I’m released of any liability and she wasn’t going to watch my kid so that I could! I literally couldn’t fucking believe that she was just going to leave me high and dry! I’m sorry I didn’t want to stand in line for over an hour with my daughter and could use a little bit of fucking help!

I just think all of this is a sick fucking joke. I’m a single Mom and I don’t see CS and I still feel obligated to give them money so I don’t have to hear bullshit later and she can’t just hang out with my kid for awhile so I can go to the fucking courthouse! My parents are probably the most ruthless, savage ass mother fuckers I have ever known!

I have been treated like a fucking cash cow and my daughter isn’t important either. Everyone acts like it’s just so difficult to be a part of her life and that’s why I don’t ask anyone to put forth any fucking effort! Then, if I stand up to them they are pissed and get back at me later. I had a couple of job interviews a few months ago and asked my Mom very nicely if she could watch my daughter so that I could go and she didn’t even bother to respond because I made her mad so therefore my daughter has to suffer as well.

All I know is I will NEVER treat my child the way my parents have treated me. I also think it’s bullshit after EVERYTHING my Dad has done to all of us and she’s STILL taking care of him! There is just too much shit in this family and I know that I’m much happier when I have nothing to do with them!

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