Dumping (tmi) in Weight Loss Surgery

  • July 20, 2021, 11:23 p.m.
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anyone who has my fb or Instagram can see that.

But today I think all the fried food caught up with me and I’ve been LUCKY that I’ve been at the inn for both of my dumping episodes.

This morning I had a Keurig coffee at 630 am with creamers. 930 am I got stomach cramps and went to the bathroom and luckily was OK after. I didn’t know if it was the coffee or the creamer? Didn’t seem spoiled…

After that I had an awesome day and still ate. I had fried green tomatoes for lunch and dinner. I can’t get enough. Small portions cause I can’t eat much but still bad fried food. And drinks. A drink with every meal. 1 drink gets me buzzed cause it’s usually a mix of hard liquors.

Went on a steam ship and a ghost tour. Awesome.

We get home. I’m stuffed from dinner. But dinner was like an hour ago by the time I got home.

We get to the inn and they have cookies out. They leave a different snack out every day. And I’ve resisted. But they had what looked like funfetti cookies - home made. Every thing here is scratch made. So I ate one.

So began the stomach cramps and chills. It’s now 2 hours past the cookie and I’ve shat 5 times, with extreme cramping. 3 of the 5 times has been straight liquid. But this 5th time has been substantially less. It smells like I’m shitting burnt shit.

It’s gross but it is what it is. And I’m not over it yet… my stomach is still very angry at me lol.

I can lol cause I’m in the calm part of the cycle.

First nothing happens (the calm) then the cramps that send me hobbling to the bathroom (the storm). I’ve just survived the storm and I’m in the calm for a bit.

Every vacation I ruin myself. I drank milk shakes till I vomited in Hershey Park (I made it to a bathroom) and now in Savannah I’m shitting myself probably into dehydration.

WLS def controls my stomach but not my mind. And I keep letting my mind think I can eat like I used to, and I can’t.

Learned my lesson, yet again… at least I prob won’t gain this trip. There’s gotta be nothing left by now!!

lessoff July 21, 2021

im sorry this happened!

maybe this is like my example of i love donuts, i cant eat them because i get horrible heart burn, like 10X worst than it was when i was pregnant. so i just go oh those look good and move on.

ninakir88 July 21, 2021

oh no! hope your stomach settles

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