Theres A LOT in Thirty-Five

  • July 19, 2021, 4:53 p.m.
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Going on right now so you get bullet points.

-Deactivated Facebook because I’m tired of the lectures.
-Bandit (rat) is probably dying tonight. He hasn’t responded to the antibiotics for his URI and it’s over $250 for vet treatment.
-We are making plans to rehome everyone else and put down the sick rats, which include Bandit, Scotchy and Nigel.
-Parsley has a small mass that is still manageable with help from a rescue.
-Eleanor, Harriett, Rizzo and Fievel will go to our Rat Lady.
-Winston, Hemi, Jovie, Trillian and Parsley will go to a rescue.
-From this weekend until August 15th we will be having a sale at our home to get rid of as much of our possessions as possible.
-Once The house is auctioned on August 18th we can easily pack up and move to my dad’s.
-Our time is up; I’ve failed at three different things over the last year to help us dig out of this hole so we’re gonna just take the massive loss.

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