My trainer approves in Weight Loss Surgery

  • July 14, 2021, 9:48 a.m.
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I might have mentioned before that my trainer was against me getting WLS.

She had a good reason though, she lost her best friend to a blood clot after that friend had WLS.

Her losing her best friend was the catalyst to her losing 100lbs on her own through exercise, diet, and Total Life Changes (TLC) products. She now sells the TLC stuff and has completely changed her life around. She teaches multiple exercise classes and individual training - which is how I know her.

I know that she thought she could get me to lose 100lbs too, with her help. And she HAS helped but my weight loss was never consistent with her, or with anybody, even with the TLC products.

When I told her I was considering surgery, she was practically begging me not to do it. But I did it.

Now, today, while training with her, she finally said that she was happy I got the surgery - not because of the cosmetic changes, but because of how improved I have been with my work outs with almost 80lbs gone.

She said it blows her mind to see how my stamina has improved and how much stronger I’ve become. It makes her excited as a trainer to push me and see my changes. She can see definition in my body - not really like abs or anything, but just my body taking on a different shape than basically the apple I used to be.

She didn’t say “apple” but I get what she means. I totally know I was a beach ball before. I didn’t have much muscle. There were things I simply couldn’t do because of my shape, and things I couldn’t do, due cause of my weakness of not being able to carry my own weight. And now I can do those things I couldn’t do before.

Seeing me get healthy is exciting to her because we’re friends and she knows that I was unhappy. She knows that I was getting discouraged and she was feeling it as well because she was trying to help me and it was a very slow hard process. NOW I am seeing the results I deserve from the weight disappearing. She is happy for me.

That makes me happy because although I don’t regret the surgery, I kinda felt like I disappointed her. She lost weight the “right” way and I took the “easy” way out - is how I felt in my mind. She wanted so badly to do for me what she had done for herself, but we’re different people and it just wasn’t happening like we both had hoped. It wasn’t her fault, I don’t blame her. She was def trying.

NOW I can physically SEE my improvement through her work outs - and she deserves that too cause she’s always tried hard with me. She’s always pushed me without breaking me. She was over 300lbs at one point too so she knows where I was at when I was trying my hardest to do a crunch with my beach ball belly - when I was exhausted after 30 seconds of jumping jacks - how my calves would cramp up multiple times during a session - how I couldn’t always reach my back or my toes or whatever the exercise called for. She knew what it was like and she always made the work outs possible for me.

I’m happy for her and I’m happy for me.

lessoff July 14, 2021

YAY for more stamina

ninakir88 July 14, 2021

there is never an easy way with weight loss

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