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  • July 11, 2021, 2:11 a.m.
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My super got fired.

A week or so later…

I was first put in assembly I worked less than a half day and left.

Called out a lot and went on a bender…for more than four days…straight.

Went back to work with doc and hospital notes. (After HR complaint.)

Week or so later back in machining with new boss. 6‘4v fat kid with loud mouth and lazy work ethic quit. Old grumpy guy my new boss.

Cue drinking every off chance I get.

Monday back at work, Royal hangover, I excuse myself from job.

Then call in the rest of the week.
Sans doc notes.
Now I’ve accumulated a few points.
Eight = fired
I believe I am right about at three.
After thirty days they drop off.
But boo hoo if you want employee of the month or year.

So, I write all that out to say this.
Big whoop.
Brian got fired.
Fatty (he was taller and fatter than me) Rian quit.
It’s just me and Oldie.
Why am I so upset?
It’s hot. Yes. Yes it is.
It’s dirty. Yes. Yes it is.
No different from any other shop I walked out of needing a shower.
Just no air conditioning.
Once that grit sticks, it won’t come off.
But I have it made.
I can listen to my head phones all night, left alone, text/charge/check time on my phone anytime I want.

Big whoop.
It’s hot.
Most would kill for my job…

Ferret Mom July 11, 2021

The heat would definitely suuuuck though.

DimMeOut July 12, 2021

I am worried about you, friend....

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