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  • June 13, 2021, 9:58 a.m.
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I was thinking about how I stopped dreaming yesterday and sure enough, I had one. It was weird, naturally. I was trying to show people what their eyes can see to no avail. I was showing them the full sun and the half-moon in the sky at the same time, practically beside each other. Just see it! Your eyes are not lying to you. Later in the dream, I was trying to soothe children from their pain. I was giving the clothes off my back to children that were homeless on the streets. It was almost a victorian setting. I also discovered the grave of myself from a previous life. I can’t remember the name but it was male. Both the first and last names started with a B.

Yesterday, I woke up missing my niece and nephew and my cat. My sister called me to borrow some paint and then I offered to come for a visit. I spent the afternoon over there with them. We had a quaint old time. I’m going to have a movie night with Madalyn in a couple of days over there also. She wants to make pizza with me.

I also discovered yesterday that my other sister, who we suspected was in trouble, was indeed in trouble. Her addict boyfriend is using again but this time he is using meth. My mother found a page on Facebook of a group looking for my sister and her boyfriend. He has been scamming people online by pretending to sell them things on Craigslist and Kijiji. He was getting payments up front and not delivering, that sort of thing. The group had over 250 people in it. My sister was informed of this group by my mother and she acted surprised. Lies, she knows. He uses her account. This man does not let anything go on his name. She can kiss her career in childcare goodbye because legal action is being taken now. My mother reached out to his grandmother who then discovered that he created a bank account using his deceased grandfather’s name. She called the police.

I know when he is using because my sister falls off the face of the earth. He hijacks her phone and socials and keeps her hidden. We were so close to her being free of him when he almost died because of his liver failure. The deepest darkest parts of my mind were loud and clear about me just wishing that he would die so that she can be free of him. I didn’t say those parts out loud, he survived and appeared to have turned himself around until this scamdemic hit and he took it pretty hard. He will, of course, be an innocent victim of circumstance to my sister and my mother. Maybe not to my mother, she actually seems to be coming around to the dark side here and realizing this man is not a victim he is a pathetic little worm with a bad character who sucks at making good choices and nobody is responsible for him. He’s already sunk himself into a black hole and took us all with him multiple times. Addicts have to save themselves, I refuse to even pretend to feel sorry for them while they’re using. I’ve been burned too many times. They have no empathy like normal people while they’re using, they are dangerous. A lot of the strongest empaths that I know have come out of rehab with the deepest innerstanding of people and possess very strong healing energy. I have a lot of respect for addicts who are recovered, just none while they’re using. Whatever.

I finally have a proper weekend off. I’m a part-timer but I have been an overtimer at work the last few weeks. I’m just getting it while the getting is good, for shifts. I’m trying to be grateful for it also. There is still that existential dread of the rug being pulled from under me again. The vaccine passports is what will do it. I know the truth about what those products are and there a million reasons to never touch those evil things but the fact that dead babies are sourced for them is all I need to say no. I’m not cannibalizing a baby like some fucking Godless savage. These people virtue signaling about it are disgusting. They are vulgar and profane. I have options to flee NAZI Canada to America but I don’t want to leave my family. I’ll go down with this citizenship. My niece and my nephew, that is what these COVID commies are stealing. They are after our children. We are the generation that hates children. That is our legacy. We sacrifice them for pseudo healthcare, over superstitious beliefs about germs. We don’t act on the child trafficking, just let go and wait for God… these deranged Christians I tell ya. We pollute their minds with garbage indoctrination.

The revolution we need is only one that can be internalized, this external culture is the one that is dying. Everybody is externalizing absolutely everything, they can’t even trust their eyes anymore and see what the full sun and half-moon in the sky is telling them. They’re so brainwashed. I feel for them, I do. That programming is not separate from me, I had it just last year. All of it. Even the leftist ideologies. We are sacrificing children to protect adults from viral possession, that is where we are at in society right now. Just like the addicts, I do not feel sorry for adults with failing health. They earned it almost always. Mindless, irresponsible living catches up eventually. They are not victims. I do not feel sorry for them, they are officially a burden on society as we are expected to manage their health for them. A 99.9% survival rate for a mythical virus is not enough for them so we all have to take a gene therapy with a 0.00% survival rate and that has SM-02 built into it that is a known chemical that attacks fertility. Oh but Pope Bill Gates would never! He literally did this to India, he snuck a hormone into his vaccines and it left thousands of women infertile. Oh that’s CoNsPiRaCy Says the failed experiment that is the Gen X+ generations. If those freaks haven’t woken up they never will. Nothing is “real” to them until their news says so. These people are absolutely brain-damaged and they are dangerous. They externalized their thinking and discernment. They are zero percent better than those in NAZI Germany who helped the NAZIS protect the public from Jews. These are spiritually dead people who are too far gone to connect to their own souls. They are cognitively hijacked, it’s like being in the walking dead and these people are just sleepwalking through life and reciting everything on the news. These are the freaks of nature. They are victims of brainwashing. They are not in touch with their power at all for even a second. It’s so tragic to witness. They’re a write-off, the children are all that matters. The time for great conflict is coming and these people are in the way. For now. Over half of the deaths from some new variant are those who had the vaccine. Of course, we know that the “new variant” is the vaccine. They all signed up to be the fourth wave. Ugh. Stupid stupid stupid.

Whatever, I have to stop thinking about this too much. It’s hard to be conscious right now. It’s keeping me trapped in my root chakra. I have a few audiobooks that I am listening to. All about the occult, esoteric sciences. The real sciences are hidden at the bottom of the rabbit hole. The real sciences are taught from the word of God directly. Astro logos, astrology. The counterfeit Christians have fragmented their thinking and can never be whole and holy because they are committed to their re-legion. Their bible is the key to us restoring Babylon. The tower is our spines and the language we all spoke was the word of God. These Christians externalized their savior. They separated everything into good and evil, the knowledge that is forbidden because only God can know what is good and evil. They really struggle with this concept when I debate them. They then assume because they are on a moral high ground that I possess all opposing opinions. That everything else is the devil. They then try and gaslight with their scripture. These are deranged people. I show more respect to their re-legion than the respect that my people were shown for our culture. We knew the hermetic sciences. I am looking at the totem poles and seeing a Chakra system, I can see Sanskrit in our words, I can see that our clan system is similar to the caste system in India, I can see ancient Egypt in our garments. I can see the zodiac in our medicine wheel. We were connected to the word of God, these counterfeit Christians say radicalized things like Jesus is the only way. Probably the last words the children at the residential schools heard before they were slaughtered so that Christianity can grow. They are radicalized and can’t see it. They’ve committed pride, they made themselves the measure of good and evil. Jealousy over those who are free and do not dedicate their existence to their literary Jesus. Wrath against them. Sloth when they ignore the wicked things done in Jesus’ name. They lust for power over others. Gluttony for all of the earth to grow their kingdom of God. Their greed to possess it all for their literary Jesus… I’m not sure where this rant came from but I don’t care.

Ancient Egypt consolidated the three cults. Lunar, solar, and stellar. Isis, Amen-Ra, and Elyon. IS=lunar, RA=solar and EL=stellar. ISRAEL. Israel is the Zodiac and the twelve tribes of Israel are obviously the zodiac signs.alt text The zodiac system is universal and it is used to explain everything from quantum physics to the fabric of reality to philosophy and to who we are and how we can bridge ourselves to God. Astrology is presented as superstition, word of the Devil to the fragmented ones. The self-righteous ones I should say, the counterfeit Christians. The old paradigm is dying, the external culture. It’s written in the stars that this would happen. We are being herded into a new system of priestcraft which is medical science. Germ theory is a baseless conspiracy, it’s all superstition. We are externalizing our immune system and replacing it with the doctor priests’ petro potions. It’s insanity, this barbaric healthcare religion is radicalized and full of extremists that sacrifice babies to cannibalize them to ward off virus demons that do not exist. Only consciousness can save us but these people are sleepwalking through it all. They are not in touch with their god-given power of discernment at all. I can see that people are waking up. When I briefly debate these counterfeit Christians I do get hate, naturally, but so many respond saying that my message resonates with them. The esoteric sciences are everything, I want to learn them inside and out and turn it into something more palatable that doesn’t sound like superstition. I want to learn it through the culture of my people but I have to teach myself how to read the stars. The correct way.

Anyway, I’m just waiting for Toni to leave for work right now. I am not cut out to have roommates. To be constantly around people. She works similar shifts to me and I get one day off opposite of her to be alone. I don’t want to be mindful of someone else all of the time, I need the space or I literally go crazy. I have a lot of food I want to prep and other things I want to do without anyone around to distract me. Just get to be mindful of myself for a bit. That’s all I want. Time and space alone. Blah.

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