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  • June 10, 2021, 3:54 p.m.
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  1. A surrealist theme park named Daliwood.

  2. A reality show about people lining up to marry Bezos and Gates for their money called BATTLE OF THE NET WORTH STARS.

  3. Audrey II is a perfect metaphor for Trump, a selfish blood-thirsty monster given the strength to burn the world down only because craven cowards kept feeding him since his novelty got them ratings & ad-views. Don’t feed monsters even if you think it helps you in the short term.

  4. Listening to the ads on local radio is like reading all the signs and talking to all the villagers in, like, DRAGON WARRIOR or FINAL FANTASY on the NES. Yes, 83% of it is tedious gibberish but if you take your time, there are your plot hooks for the week.

  5. As a child, I can remember the first day we had a microwave oven and a VCR, we watched a new Mickey Mouse tape and ate instant popcorn and we felt like goddamn gods. We were living in the future.

  6. A mash-up of Frankie Goes To Hollywood and The Little Rascals culminating in the hit single “Spanky Says Relax”.

  7. You can get really good deals on anime with Groupon The Third.

  8. Loki is forced to run an aquarium as a punishment by Odin, just so he can say he has burdened his son with glorious porpoise.

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