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  • June 10, 2021, 2:53 p.m.
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  2. Bottles and cans, containing hams, containing haaaammms, BOTTLED HAMS, two pig servings in a pack to go, BOTTLED HAMS… two pig servings in a pack to go… take some home, we’ve removed all of the bones…

  3. When Bill and Melinda Gates finalize their divorce, who gets which half of the NPR underwriting? Does the Bill Foundation get On The Media and the Melinda Foundation get Radiolab?

  4. Sometimes, all we can do is take our lives like Genghis Khan: two steppes forward, one step back, two steppes forward, one steppe back.

  5. A Soviet-kitsch vacation liner called “Nikita Cruiseship”.

  6. How lucky we were as kids, we could get into a new cartoon w/out worrying about adults instantly developing fetish subcultures about it. There were probably weirdos doing terrible things to The Rescue Rangers but at least they weren’t publicly crowdfunding conventions about it.

  7. You never fully recover from an addiction to electronic dance music, you can learn to control it but the urge will always be there, you’ll always have one foot in the rave.

  8. Convince one person, at least one, that you believe “Cinco de Mayo” is celebrated by filling a sink with mayonnaise.

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