52#s down from WLS on 12/21- 73#s down from HW in Weight Loss Surgery

  • June 10, 2021, 7:58 a.m.
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295 HW 274 SW 222 CW 180 GW

Well look at me sliding on down the scale this month, after the hell of May.

Yesterday I even had ice cream and a late dinner of cheese tortellini with pesto sauce.

I was stupid and got a cookie overload type Sundae that I couldn’t possibly finish, so then my sister did cause I didn’t want to throw it out but I feel bad about … not making her eat it… but I don’t want to make others fatter by feeding them all my left overs. I mean, she ate her ice cream and then half of mine as well. Emma has some of mine too but I don’t want to make it a habit of making others over eat what I can’t finish, even if I spent $8 on it! If I buy an $8 sundae and can’t finish it, then I have to throw my own money in the trash. Not cause others to over eat.

My eyes are always bigger than my stomach nowadays.

I didn’t have a large amount but I ate really late and so I didn’t expect a loss on the scale today. I love those happy surprises.

My trainer has been really busy these past two weeks, and with my parents cutting down our walks I feel like I’ve been eating more, exercising less and still losing weight. Has hell frozen over?

And I woke up ravenous today! I aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalmost stopped at McD’s for a biscuit and frap. Both are things I rarely ever have. IF I have a fast food breakfast, I like an egg and cheese croissant from BK. I don’t even care about coffee. I never got to McD’s and get an egg and cheese biscuit (Cause I find it messy/crumbly) or a frappe. But that was all over my mind this morning driving into work.

In the end I didn’t and I’m eating my lunch now ,at 8am, cause at least it’s already allotted for in my food app.

A big supporter and speaker of ours is coming into the office today so there may be snacks or a special lunch. Today may just be one of those days., but I’m not super scared about it. Eating wise I mean, cause my sleeve still seems to be working…

I found a FB page today with people who all got sleeved in Dec of 2020 like I did. I searched out people who got it towards the end of Dec like I did. The amount of weight these people are losing super varies. Some people have only lost 30lbs while others have lost over 100. Me losing close to 75lbs seems to be a good pace. I can’t imagine only having lost 30lbs in 6 months. I’m not blaming the person, I’m just saying I’d be sad if it was me.

The point is it’s a life long process. So even if she’s only lost 30lbs, the weight loss should continue for a year or two and she’ll get to goal. I also don’t remember how much she had to lose. I was almost 300#s when I started but there were some who were only 200#s - it depends on their height and BMI etc. Maybe she only has 50#s to lose so she’s over half way there.

Last updated June 10, 2021

Des June 10, 2021

Congrats! Portion control works wonders!

ninakir88 June 13, 2021

i cant believe how much weight you lost already, amazing

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