Larceny in First entry

  • June 10, 2021, 3:49 a.m.
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Yeah so last night my daughter is talking on the tablet to her mom and I have someone at the door. I go check it out.. oh, it’s a Sheriff’s deputy. So, I answer thinking she just filed another stupid motion in the upcoming court fight. It was a motion alright....she filed criminal charges against me alleging I had stolen the phone she had given our son. Hmm, I was wondering if she could stoop lower? Yeah she’s a piece of garbage. A disgusting excuse for a human. The reality isninneed nothing more than the text she sent me that shows bought him the phone. She gave it to him at supervised visitation. He gave it back at supervised visitation. At no point did I take it away from him. At no point did I stop him from using it outside of school.

This batch has crossed a line. I’m not worried about proving she is a liar. It’s just the fact that this small little charge would ruin my job, my military career, it would have major consequences if it went through. Thankfully she is an idiot. She filed a fake complaint against her sister. She filed a fake complaint against me. Anyone else see a pattern of behavior here? Unfortunately for her, I can show the correlation. Now, there’s this thing called malicious prosecution and if someone files false criminal charges again you, you can sue said person for financial damages. She better get he purse open. What a piece of garbage. Just imagine what would happen if this went through and I lost my job? The effect on the kids. She is a vindictive woman. Thankfully she is stupid as well. I don’t thinkni can find the words to express how disgusting she is as a human.

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