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  • June 10, 2021, 5:30 a.m.
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The Premiers of my country are in a competition or something to be the first to bring in communism. My province is in the lead, we have the vaccine passports. Immunization cards they’re called. They’re, of course, slowly building public opinion about it first. The time when they require it for employment is coming. That’s when the great conflict will happen. It won’t be that great in my province. Our province is rife with foreign nationals who are only patriotic for their homelands. Just when we need Canadian patriotism the most. It pisses me off. The COVID plot is completely lost but Canadians are in such an echo chamber they have no idea. The government’s own expert witness admitted in court that the PCR test determines nothing. This is a hoax through and through.

The government here funds the media, they’re about to regulate what we look at and talk about online next. The covid NAZIS are fully committed to the propaganda and cheer it on. These people are the same people who would have been cheering the NAZIS on as they loaded the trains with Jews. They’re that brain-damaged, they don’t have the ability to go inside their minds and think any of this narrative through. The majority of Gen X and up are in the way, they’re not digitally literate and are deeply out of touch and I can barely stomach them. How can an entire generation be that dumbed down? Come autumn they will start dying off because they have the IQ of burnt toast. Ok, at least the IQ of a parrot and recite their fake news. They won’t be in the way after that one but they will blame the” far-right anti-vaxxers”. My CCP owned government is building the narrative for genocide.

It was so painful to watch my mother and her boyfriend obsess over the news, they’re so into the COVID LARP. My bestie, her mother will visit but from the backplane. She begs her to vaccinate herself and her family. She earnestly believes that if we don’t we will die from COVID. The flu virus with an identical survival rate as the flu virus. “Get the vaccine with a 0.00% survival rate!”

My country is even mixing the vaccines. They give no fucks and our doctor priests are all shills. We need to fire all of them. It’s like talking with children and pretending there is a Santa Clause when talking about viruses, they do not exist. The whole narrative should have fallen apart a long time ago because germ theory is a baseless conspiracy. It’s superstition. There is nothing new under the sun, mainstream healthcare is a new system of priestcraft. Terrain theory is the one that is based. It’s using a scientific method based on a scientific theory that this scientifically proven. Germ theory is not. Dr. Stefan Lanka just debunked germ theory, again. He exposed cell-line to various toxic conditions and the damage was identical to those caused by “viruses”. This means that not only are people stupid and superstitious, but they’re also absolutely pathetic and can’t manage their own bodies. It’s so embarrassing to entertain the idea that they are victims. They’re absolute burdens on society, officially. We earn our health, these irresponsible people are self-harming and suppressing their own immune systems. Letting their doctors fill them up with poisons. Petroleum-based pills and vaccines are nothing more than immune-suppressants. These people never look at what these doctor priests are putting into them. Their bodies need to detox and when you incur deficiencies you suffer the consequences. Doctors treat the symptoms which are not the disease but the cure. Germ theory is a hoax, it’s a business model. It’s a new system of priestcraft that we are all in being inducted into. They source babies for vaccines and then people cannibalize them to protect themselves from viral possession. We have these radical healthcare extremists demanding this act from others, to sacrifice babies to protect adults who fail miserably at protecting their own damn selves. 700k people in America will die from heart disease this year. 600k from cancers and 300k from obesity. They’re not victims, those are preventable, treatable, and in most circumstances reversible. For those who can come into their own power and discover that self-care is healthcare.

I don’t want to leave my family, I have options to flee NAZI Canada to America. I’ll go down with this citizenship. The narrative down there is openly broken. Of course, nothing gets leaked by accident. This Fauci e-mail fiasco legitimizes the pandemic and germ theory and gives everybody a villain. Whatever, it’s better than here in NAZI Canada where we are pretending there is an Indian variant. The UK is building a narrative that a new variant is coming and will only devastate those who were vaccinated. The UK went first, we’re going to see what happens when the mRNA doesn’t stop.

I don’t want to be stuck in my root chakra, where I have this existential dread hanging over me. Everybody else is blissfully ignorant and feels safe and secure and taken care of by their sugar daddy Trudeau. Blah.

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