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  • June 8, 2021, 5:35 a.m.
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Well, call me Caitlyn I am triggered. The company issued out Pride shirts for us to wear and to my surprise that made me feel some type of way. That’s not a political statement I want to make but it’s just a shirt for one day. I suppose this trigger is showing me where I am not free. I do feel like a closet case but now that I have expanded my awareness beyond myself I can see the absolute harm that the alphabet gang is doing to society. By design of course. I unlearned that leftist brainwash and a lot of my political beliefs now lean right. The gender extremists are ruining everything. Well, the “gays” are doing it too. The culture is so sexualized and they are exposing children to it. This whole situation is too nuanced, I suppose I still have to sit and think this through. I can’t find the right context.

I am also reminded why we even have an LGBT community. We have liberals because of conservatives and we have conservatives because of liberals. Two ends that can never meet. We are that fractured.

I am encountering a lot of content from the right, from people whose opinions I somewhat value, that are signalling actual homophobia. They are equally deranged to me as the gender extremists because they push everything through their counterfeit teachings of the Bible. They make themselves the authority and measure of what is right and wrong. These Christians are so deranged it’s not even funny. They’re radical. The children of my people being dug up in my country is the price they demand from all of us to grow their Christian kingdom. Jesus is the only way. That is destructive and ugly. There is no love in their counterfeit Christianity. Love is oneness, they want separateness. They want to separate everything away from their little deranged book. A lot of these conservatives are not even connected to their church teachings. Just wear it as a fashion statement of sorts because conservatism is the new punk rock. They are the counter-culture now and they are fed up with all the leftism. As am I but this one size fits all so help you, god from the right is not much better.

My people had our own understanding and our own identity with this. I need to connect to that one. I’m distracted by the occult “magic” that I am learning. It’s not even magic it was the real science this whole time. I’m just in awe. Anyway, I suppose I am triggered by the right’s anti-gay rhetoric. I’m also experiencing the existential dread of the vaccine passports that my Premier is going to be introducing shortly. Like, these restrictions are insane. Only one person per household allowed in a building. We have covid nazis everywhere keeping people separated and checking their papers. Our “numbers” are still rising because of anti-vaxxers, that’s the propaganda anyway. The PCR test determines nothing, that is now a fact after their expert witness said so in court. My government cannot turn back. They broke every law that was supposed to protect us from them because those laws won’t exist where they are taking us. We are heading into a post-national state. My people are the first global citizens with Bill C-15. They are building a narrative and public opinion for it right now. Using the graves of children who had to die so Christianity could live. Anyway, the time for conflict is coming in my province. The passports, I don’t want to cannibalize a baby via a vaccine like a godless savage over superstitious beliefs about germs.

Anyway, I have to get ready for work. I just want to lay in bed and sulk.

Miss Chiffs Manager June 08, 2021

Don't let them make you a billboard.

Nash June 09, 2021

You should just go into work and not wear a shirt at all. That would really show off your freedom from societal norms and do a good deal towards de-sexualizing he society.

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