Wesley in Phoenix Rises Again

  • June 6, 2021, 8:46 p.m.
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Every time I see you, you smell more enticing than the last. All I want is to be on your lap, as close as I can be, my body pressed to yours. I want to kiss you passionatly and delight in the taste of you, but I know my advances would be unwelcome so I try to push aside these desires for now. Wesley, I could only begin to describe to you how intensely you affect me. Every muscle, every bone in my body cries out to be touching you. With every word you speak my body is charged, electric current runs over every pore. What an anomaly you are, have always been. Your brain aging like a fine wine, becoming more intoxicating with each passing year. If only you could be satisfied with me and want nothing more. If only you were attracted to me as I am to you. If I could cause desire in you, it would be a delight to me.

Instead, I soak up your company like a hungry beast, savoring each moment I spend with you. A gift surely. Silently I wish all my days could be filled with your presence but there is a clock in my head ticking away each precious second, knowing that eventually my time will run short and you will have had enough of me. Until then I try to make memories, fouled time and again by your agoraphobia and my lack of resources. One day, these obstacles will not plague us any longer and we will be able to explore together, learn together, dance in this crazy land, the sun on our skin, and the breeze in our hair.

Timmy™ June 06, 2021

Mmm, feelz.

LachrymoseBeauty Timmy™ ⋅ June 07, 2021

All the feelz

Silver Satan June 07, 2021

Beautiful, and heartfelt.

LachrymoseBeauty Silver Satan ⋅ June 07, 2021


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