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  • June 7, 2021, 6:39 a.m.
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  1. I have read that the civilian identity of the minor Batman villain Egghead is “Edgar Heed” which is fine, I guess, but it should’ve been Salvatore Manella and you damned well know it.

  2. A THC-infused mayonnaise variant called Rave Aioli.

  3. The Joker should’ve shown up when Clooney whipped out that Bat credit card, stolen it and said “I’m sorry, Batman, but your credit card has been declowned.”

  4. With A Name Like Smuckers, It’s Probably Jam.

  5. HEAD CANON: King Hippo was blue in Captain N because he ate a whole bunch of Smurfs.


  7. “Please, my FATHER was Mister Mister. You can just call me Mister.”

  8. “Boss, I’m sorry, I ruined your perfectly good vodka by dropping piney-ass juniper berries in it.” “But what if we pretend we ruined it on purpose, call it gin and sell it at a mark up?” “That’s why you’re the boss, boss!”

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