june 4 in idea barrages

  • June 3, 2021, 3:05 p.m.
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  1. When Tim Allen was imprisoned for cocaine smuggling, he was apprehended by his good twin, a bounty hunter named Jim “The Cool Man” Jailor.

  2. Ooooo lah lah! Special K cereal! Regular K isn’t good enough for the princess!

  3. If you get the seasonal blues, does that mean you have a cerulean rhythm?

  4. The term “willy nilly” is in tribute to the famously disorganized minor British royal Lord William of Nilliam.

  5. A generation trapped between a rock and a hard place, between the screaming fear of not being special and existential threat that being special doesn’t automatically mean anything either. My generation. My poor generation.

  6. A Nintendo, encrusted in gold and jewels, known as “The Royal Wii”.

  7. April in the Adirondacks, where you hear a nearing rumble and have to figure out if it’s the grumble of an approaching thunderstorm or the gravelly grind of a snowplow. Either’s possible.

  8. In D&D, a country western glamor bard called Travis Critt.

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