Healthy snacks in Weight Loss Surgery

  • June 3, 2021, 8:22 a.m.
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Here’s another list I gave to my parents. I gave this to them as options for Emma’s school lunches (before she attended in person school and they gave them lunch)

  • Some of these brands are in Whole Foods and not in regular grocery stores.

** These are not “no carb” or ” no sugar” snacks - they are just made with better ingredients and less chemicals and so recommended for everyone, but also easy to pack in school lunches.

Lara bars - whether it’s the kids or adult ones

Bark Thins (without pretzels)

Kitch Fix granola bars

Go Go squeeze apple sauce (not the blasts)

Bobs red mill organic oatmeal or WF organic 365

WF 365 freeze dried puffed snap peas (instead of harvest puffed snap peas snacks)

String cheese as long as it’s organic

Billtong - Beef jerky

Smartfood “Delight” popcorn - plain flavor of everything is better than flavored cause the flavor is made by bad chemicals

Perfect Bar - nut butter bars (refrigerated section)

On The Border organic blue corn chips

Square Organic bars

Epic - protein/energy bars

Yo yo bear or Wild made fruit roll ups

organic dried seaweed snacks

Saffron road crunchy chick peas

BARE dried fruit crisps/snack

Dang coconut chips

Anne’s organic whole wheat bunny crackers

Simple Mills crackers

Parm Crisps

Siete chips

Nuts (salted or unsalted) - plain flavor of everything is better than flavored cause the flavor is made by bad chemicals

Jackson’s Honest potato chips

Tiny But Mighty or Lesser Evil plain popcorn

Yogurt (esp for those aimed at kids) usually has too much sugar (which kills probiotics) and bad flavoring additives - it’s better to get plain yogurt and put your own raw honey, fruits, nuts, natural coloring etc. in it

WASA crackers are good although not popular with kids - could dip in yogurt, Wholly guacamole or top with other natural things (sweet or savory)

Annie’s Organic (Grass fed cows) Mac and Cheese is a better mac and cheese

Again, although I doubt anyone could mistake me for one, I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist, etc. I just watch youtube videos and compile lists.

lessoff June 03, 2021

is emma a good eater? lydia is not. we feed her what she will eat. she actually eats more now than she did a year ago but a fraction of what she ate when she was under 2. i just dont understand.

sedentary lessoff ⋅ June 03, 2021

It comes and goes. She IS a good eater and will eat a lot of different things. But sometimes when she asks for a certain thing she will starve all day until she gets it and act like a damn monster over being hungry. Very Stubborn. So it's always a discussion about what she wants to eat cause it's no use just making her anything you want cause she just won't eat it unless she has agreed to it.
But that might be just around my mom and sister. I dunno what she does at other houses.

Lis June 03, 2021

I think it's hilarious that we (anyone, really) have to put a disclaimer to let people know we aren't claiming these are super healthy, just healthIER choices. Like when I say I give my kids Trader Joe's JoeJoes (their oreos), it's not because I think they are a healthy snack, they just aren't laden with excess garbage... they are REAL junk food. Yet I, too, find myself having to give disclaimers about how they aren't HEALTHY, just better choices if a junk food... or how I am not saying they are super nutritious, but that I'd rather my kid have something natural than fake.

sedentary Lis ⋅ June 03, 2021

You just never know who's gonna come on and note that these suggestions aren't the healthiest snacks. I mean yea, you could go eat some berries! I just didn't want any one trying to push back on the info. They're snacks that your kids will possibly like that don't have as many additives as the big name brands basically!

Lis sedentary ⋅ June 03, 2021

I've taken to keeping some Tillamook meat sticks and cheese (indvidiually wrapped) on hand so we can grab and go for snacks when we need. Those and pepitas or sunflower seeds seem to be the kids' favorites at the moment. Of course, if you stock up on that, then they'll suddenly hate them because you have them. 🙄

sedentary Lis ⋅ June 03, 2021

it's tru and I make that mistake all the time. If someone likes something I get them like a life time supply and then they eat them till they hate them when I was trying to do a good thing! I haven't done that in a while but I used to do it to my hubby all the time! He'd mention something he liked and I had to get a case and multiple flavors till he didn't even want them anymore!!

Lis sedentary ⋅ June 03, 2021

my friend also shared this little convo they had in her family a while back...

Kids: Why did you buy 4 bazillion apples? They're getting soft.😬
Me: Because when I bought a 10lb bag last Thursday you all decided to binge eat them in an hour, so I bought TWO 10 lb bags on Friday and you all decided to boycott them. 😡

So my husband always complains I overbuy fruit. It's not true. I buy fruit in a reasonable amount and it's either consumed INSTANTLY or they don't want it until it's bad. No middle ground to be reached.

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