june 2 in idea barrages

  • June 1, 2021, 1:47 a.m.
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  1. Photosynthesis means that for plants, every meal is a light meal.

  2. Bob Dylan was the first mumblecore rapper.

  3. Eminem sampling Warren G to rap about Mom’s spaghetti with the hit “Ragu Late”.

  4. Spell check is the kind of bastard who can turn your ice cream parlour into ice cream parkour.

  5. A Stone Temple Pilot parody about The Secret Garden. “BURN YOUR SECRET GARDEN TO THE GROUND, YEAH!”

  6. Scanning the AM dial, somehow WIBX is playing Limbaugh repeats Saturday afternoons, reruns of a long deceased bigot, literally dead air, what’s the point? Radio is so screwed, underpaying its nose to spite its face, all short term profit thinking, no investment in the future.

  7. Maybe teachers would get more of the respect they so richly deserve if we called them INSTRUCTION WORKERS.

  8. Alpha males? Beta males? PFFFT. Bring on OMEGA HUMANS of all genders!

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